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Hello Everyone,

We are resetting Skyblock after 8 months. The reset will include all islands reset and all items. (Everyone with ranks will keep their ranks!) The Reset will happen on The 24th Of August 4 PM GMT London Time


New Updates!

In the reset, they will be new features added to the server, Like minions, New crates, New Ranks and we are using a new skyblock plugin.  There are currently Two new crates and they are called

Raze Empire Builder Application Writing Guide and Requirements


Survival Griefing rules:

All of these methods are not allowed.

  • Placing walls around claims 

These are the requirements for applying for staff. If you are going to apply for staff, please READ THIS!




  • Before applying for staff on the server you will have to be 13+ to become staff on the server. (If you don't meet the age requirement your application will be denied) 
  • You do not need to have some past staff experience. However, this will give you a better chance at becoming staff on the server if you have got some experience. 
  • You need be a part of the server for  1 m...
Welcome to RazeEmpire.net
patatjeabout 1 year ago

Welcome to our brand new site, here you can ask questions, leave some suggestions or buy a rank also all the information about the server is gonna be posted here.


The Server IP Is: play.razeempire.net

- Developer, Noah

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